History and Overview of Hookah

One of the very frequent questions which we receive only at Hookah is “What’s a hookah” Or “What’s at a hookah”. But as a result of varying terminology for hookahs in various portions of the planet, many folks can make use of the phrase “shisha” if speaking to a “hookah” or even vice-versa. In this weblog, we are going to pay for a few of the very often used terms for each region of the hookah, and offer you a crash course at Hookah.This knowledge may allow you to make an informed decision when surfing our extensive hookah category or provide you with an improved knowledge of the equipment you’ve got in your home.

A Brief History of Hookah

Based on Wikipedia the very first known presence of hookah goes back to the 1560s and you will find two concepts concerning its own roots.

Most resources Indicate Persian doctor Hakim Abu’l-Fath Gilani because of the inventor of this hookah following the Introduction Of Tobacco into Persia and India by Europeans. He suggested that “filtering” or “purifying” cigarette smoke would decrease Health Threats when put next to smoking tobacco and then devised the 1st hookah pipe.

Alternative theories indicate that hookah might have been started by the Safavid dynasty of Persia sometime between 1501 – 1722 and then spread east into India.


Hookahs – Reality, What They Exctly Are

A hookah is just a water pipe that’s intended to be employed for Smoking Tobacco. After smoking a hookah the smoke is generated on every surface of one’s hookah from the hookah bowl, then extends down through the hookah stem into the bottom where it’s squeezed through the water, after which moves up through the nozzle that you’re inhaling on. Cigarettes supply all of the flavors for the session and also we take pretty much every taste profile that you might think about inside our category.

The hookah has a long and Storied History around the planet and, consequently, you’ll find lots of diverse types or varieties of hookahs. While hookahs might possibly possess varying aesthetics or looks based on the nation of origin that the  simple component functionality and parts are going to be exactly the exact same for several hookahs.


Hookah Parts and Vocabulary

We’ll begin from the top of the hookah and work our way down Looking at the fundamental parts That Each hookah will possess and exactly what each component will:


1) Hookah Bowl (Head)

The “bowl” or “mind” of this hookah is normally created from ceramic or clay and also will sit on the surface of your hookah, which is going to be the component that holds your shisha tobacco. Once tobacco was packed into the hookah bowl aluminum foil is then inserted in addition to charcoal and inserted in addition to the foil to warm the cigarette.


2) Charcoal Tray (Plate) 

The “tray” or “plate” of this hookah is going to soon be a metallic disk that sits onto your own hookah stem just underneath your own bowl. This bit helps catch excess ash out of the charcoals in your own bowl and also can be particularly a great spot to keep extra charcoals which are increasingly now being inserted or taken in the bowl.


3) Hookah Shaft (Stem) 

The “shaft” or “stem” of this hookah could be your metallic section of this hookah which of your additional hookah components will relate with. The metallic tubing at the base of the stem which sits into the ground into your hookah bottom is called the most “downstream”. With handmade hookahs that piece is usually abbreviated into the top part of the stem while with lots of machine-made hookahs that the downstream is really just actually a threaded bit that may be screwed onto or outside the top section of the stem cells. The rotating shaft will even have two Essential bits attached to the sides of the well:


  • Hose Adapter (Hose Port) – The “hose port” or “hose jack” is likely to soon be an open cylindrical or cone-shaped bit to which your hookah hose is going to be attached to. Based upon the version of hookah the nozzle adapter could be welded entirely onto the stem or it might be described as considered a threaded bit that may be screwed onto or outside of this stem.


  • Purge Valve (check-valve) –Among the most overlooked parts of a hookah, the “purge valve” or even the “check valve” can be a highly convenient little apparatus. This valve is going to possess a threaded cap that screws off or one of these hookahs and is going to possess a ball bearing inside it sealing a tiny hole at the hookah. When massaging the ball posture is squeezed down across the pit creating an airtight seal that allows for the complete draw from the hookah. When exhaling directly into a hose bearing is raised upwards allowing the smoke that’s on your hookah base to become emptied from the hookah. That is especially handy for clearing out any stale smoke on your hookah base.


4) Hookah Hose 

The hookah hose could be the region of the hookah you will inhale when smoking. Whenever you inhale the nozzle air is drawn into the peak of this hookah evoking the smoke to be pulled down throughout the stem and also then into the water at the bottom and back up throughout your own hose. There are several diverse trends of hoses offered and conventional hoses are typically created from leather at while modern hookah hoses are often made of silicone.


5) Hookah Base (Water Jar) 

The hookah base is underneath part of one’s hookah put up and can be the bit that holds the water that filters the smoke passage. Ordinarily, this portion is constructed from glass although you’ll find hookah foundations created out of plastic too.

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