Hookah Smoking Make You Sick

Not one folk only at Hookah-Shisha are medical professionals, so do bear this in your mind when looking over this info. For those who have some health issues, then we recommend contacting your private doctor to discuss any queries.

It’s really a matter which we get asked frequently and many people have personal experience with, therefore we’re here to help answer this! So can hookah make you really sick? Even the short response is yes, nonetheless it’s far harder than that.

From in Hookah lounges and only at Hookah-Shisha, I have seen and seen all of it. The most Frequent complaints when it comes to the way hookah causes you to believe is that some folks encounter:




When smoking hookah, there certainly are a range of factors in play that may absolutely create a less-than-pleasant encounter. We are going to handle these facets within this website and provide you with a bit of insight into the underside of your site which will allow you to stay away from problems throughout your next semester!

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I Get Dizzy if I Smoke Hookah

Many Hookah Tobaccos, otherwise referred to as “shisha”, will comprise smoking. A few brands of shisha will comprise less smoking compared to some other brands, however, there’ll always be some quantity of nicotine on your flavour if you don’t use tobacco-free Herbal Shisha.

Nourishment is the main supply of this “buzz” that you just feel as if you smoke. This “buzz” can attest differently based on the Individual, however, the most Frequent consequences are:

A “tingling” feeling




As these are feelings that many folks consciously hunt for inside their own session, a smoking buzz may absolutely cause undesirable effects based on your own tolerance.

If you’re a fresh hookah smoker or do not Smoke Hookah too usually, your sensitivity to cigarettes can absolutely indicate you will experience an embarrassing amount of nausea or lightheadedness.


I Get a Headache When I Smoke Hookah

Thinking back to my own first days of hookah, I absolutely try to recall the”hookah hangovers” my buddies and I’d get after moving into your community hookah lounge. At the moment we were”newbies” to hookah therefore we simply admitted that headaches had been part of it and did not think a lot about that.

Once I have a little longer hookah experience under my belt, then the motives for those irritations became increasingly clear.

As stated earlier, you’ll find a range of factors in play and that is a lot more true when speaking about “hookah headaches” In our experience, the primary motives for the frustrations would be:



Oxygen deprivation

Smoking on an empty belly

Improperly coloured charcoal

Quick light charcoal


Let us Discuss this Point


smoking a hookah for a very long time period can cause the human body to become dehydrated, which could subsequently cause a hassle. In my adventure at lounges, hookah has been a”nightlife” activity that’s frequently accompanied by alcohol, or alternative”party beverages” (i.e. soft drinks, energy drinks, etc.). These varieties of drinks may also let you become more dried, particularly when coupled using a hookah.



as previously mentioned previously, hookah tobacco comprises a naturally occurring compound called a cigarette. Smoking supplies you with the”buzz” but also can cause a few people to have headaches.


Oxygen Deprivation  

Do you know what you aren’t doing as you are carrying a puff of one’s hookah? Sucking in that excellent old’ oxygen! Smoking for lengthy lengths of time may cause the human body to receive deprived of needed oxygen which may result in headaches and lightheadedness.


Smoking on an empty stomach  

smoking hookah can create all types of changes within your own body, like affecting your blood glucose sugar. Smoking on an empty stomach may really enable you to receive a headache or feel dizzy, and in addition, it can induce the reasons in the list previously to become helpless.


Improperly coloured charcoal  

You are able to end up headaches-vile once you use charcoal that is lit partially or even in the light process because you inhale. Even the best/headache totally absolutely free sessions happen whenever you are charcoal is glowing red before you start smoking.


Fast light charcoal  

Fast light coals are great in a pinch if you never possess a coal burner or you are out of this home as they may be triggered using a standard milder. They also can result in headaches when used liberally or if you also have any sensitivity to the smell/taste of this charcoal. We ALWAYS urge using natural hookah charcoal for the session only because they produce a far greater taste and also has a burning period.

These reasons are undoubtedly the sole reasons a hassle could happen while smoking hookah, however, they’re very common in our experience.


Why Is It That I get Nauseous if I Smoke Hookah

Many hookah smokers are going to have the ability to remember some period they believed dizzy while smoking hookah, or later. While I won’t say this is excessively common, it can happen every once in a while and is not enjoyable.

We’ve reviewed several factors behind”hookah vomiting” in this particular blog, and nausea might be brought on by a blend of all of the various effects hookah could have.

The average speaking though nausea which you might experience is primarily due to the “nausea” or even “lightheadedness” you can eliminate while smoking hookah. Nausea may be calmed by smoking on an empty stomach or getting dry.


Recommendations to Prevent Hookah Vomiting

Today, we’ve mentioned lots of the unwanted side effects of hookah, plus it could seem frightening. However today we arrive at the part where we provide you with a few pointers to help avoid these unwanted effects, also it is much simpler than you might imagine!


Stay Hydrated

What’s possibly among the main things to consider when smoking hookah is you want to remain hydrated. Even as we discussed, hookah can irritate you and cause aggravation or lightheadedness. Continue to keep a glass or bottle of water beside you once smoking hookah, which makes sure to remain hydrated. That is a generally great guideline in life.


Know Your Limitations  

you can find a range of good reasons why someone might smoke that they truly have been ready to, however, it boils down to this: understand your own limits and know when to avoid them. If you ever begin feeling ill, light-headed, or anything out of what you are familiar with, place down the house, have a rest, and then get some air. Just as a hookah is in front of you does not mean that you want to be hitting it constantly. If you truly really feel as though you’ve eaten a lot, there isn’t any harm in choosing some slack.


Do not Smoke on an Empty Stomach  

This trick is just one of my favourites as, really, who needs a reason to consume food? We recommend smoking hookah with an empty tummy. Moving into the hookah bar? Get some good food in advance. Getting some friends up to smoke? Order a pizza. Simply eat some sort of food. Ensuring you smoke a complete tummy can help with avoiding several of these difficulties.


Make use of a MOUTH TIP  

that can be principally only because of its”spreading germs” a portion of smoking hookah. It’s almost always a fantastic idea to utilize your mouth when smoking, especially when smoking along with different men and women. This will greatly cut back on the total quantity of bacteria you and friends and family are discussing with each other and make it not as likely to acquire a disease.

As I said previously we at Hookah-Shisha aren’t medical professionals, so, therefore, take this advice in the manner in which you’ll, of course in case you have some medical issues, speak to your physician.



While this really is simply perhaps not at all something which specifically is really due to hookah, also certainly will happen throughout an everyday lifetime, it’s something that hookah can aggravate or render you exposed to.

Hookah is, broadly, a societal activity where you get along with family or friends to spend some time speaking about your afternoon, grabbing up, or anything you can consider. However, do you understand very well what else hookah involves? The Mouth Area.

An essential portion of smoking hookah is smoking by the hose, with the mouth area. Notably when smoking along with different men and women, passing a lone hose forth and back may signify that everybody is sharing germs with one another.

In the event that you had been paying attention in health class at middle school, trapping germs with people might make it even more possible that you grab a disorder like but not restricted by, a cold, the flu, or some contagious illness.

Hookah is supposed to be an enjoyable, fun task, so this is enlightening and may allow you to avoid any unpleasant adventures when seated to own a hookah. 

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