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We are working hard and are pleased to finally announce the yield of Multi hose hookah packs.

Easily among the most requested services and products out of you, our clients, Multi hose hookahs now are right back on the menu! With various different brands and models, our Multi Hose category is now simplified the purchasing approach, guarantees you will get everything you will need to smoke with numerous men and women, and also cares for someone of those “will that adapter fit with this version” uncertainty.

In this website, we’ll be moving to detail on each new multi-level hose hookah which can be found on the website.

We’ll have multiple instructional videos that will assist you to combine your Auto-seal hose adapters into the hookah safely and safely.


An Auto-Seal Adapter

Well, I will let you know, as you asked! Certainly one of the primary flaws of elderly Multi-Hose Hookahs was that everyone demanded they have to “plug” the nozzle by using their plug whenever they weren’t smoking, or else the atmosphere could be stepping into the hookah and preventing it by smoking properly.

Once you find the term “auto-seal,” which usually means that the hose is intended to mechanically “plug” itself if nobody is smoking.

That is accomplished via the usage of ball bearings at the Nozzle Adapters which “lift ” once you inhale to permit smoke to maneuver, and “collapse” if not being used, ergo “sealing” the hookah.

No longer bother about always reminding your pals to plug in their hose whenever they’re not carrying popular!


Make Hookah a Multi-Hose Hookah

Mya Saray, among those original brands which offer multi-level hose hookahs, has consistently been among the goto hookah brands for the ones that are wanting to put in a 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th hose for their collection.

Lots of these models include threaded hose knobs, purge valves, and hose interface “sticks” which may be removed to create room for one more adapter. A number of those hookahs might be drawn up into multi-hose set-ups very quickly.

But when it has to do with the Mya hose amps themselves, there may undoubtedly be a bit of confusion. Mya hose adapters can be found in two colors (gold and silver) and two sizes, (large and small).

I understand what you are thinking, “I have a massive Mya hookah therefore that I absolutely require the massive adapter right?” Well, definitely not! Even the “small” and “large” sizes on these juicers do not check with the true size of this adapter or the size hookah they’re appropriate for.

They actually consult with this magnitude of their threading to the amps themselves, therefore it’s possible a “small” adapter works together with a “sizable” Mya hookah or even vice-versa.

Lucky for you, we’ve completed a whole lot of hands-on research to determine which knobs fit Mya hookahs and therefore that you never need to.


Pharaoh Hookah Right into Multi-Hose Hookah

Pharaoh’s Hookahs possess a vast array of hookah models in addition to gorgeous base options as also comes as no real surprise to determine that most of the models could have over one nozzle!

In reality, they will have many models that may go all the way up to 4 hoses, like the Pharaoh’s Tut hookah. Additionally, they have models which can be just two or three chosen harmonious, therefore there are a lot of options to select from which will fit any circumstance!

Now let us return for a number of these “quirks” for all these multi-hose Pharaoh’s hookahs. On different models, like the Pharaoh’s Ion hookah, the nozzle adapter that’s already attached to the hookah is pumped into the hookah hub.

This usually means you won’t have the capacity to clear away the hose jack with this hookah. Nevertheless, the screws that are original will also be the “auto-seal” adapters therefore that this will not have any effect on your own hookah’s power to mechanically seal itself if not being eaten.

The ball posture composed together with such juicers can also be competent to be removed for cleanup, or in the event that you merely do not enjoy using the”auto-seal” functionality.


Make Amira Hookah Right into Multi-Hose Hookah

And onto this Last brand! Amira creates a few very nice two-hose hookahs plus so they have a vast array of stem layouts that range from metal all of the approaches to ordinary grain timber. Additionally, they supply you with a large number of color options that can be very rarely found in hookahs, such as purple, green, and improved gold!

Amira also includes two unique varieties of base technology (I promise that this is vital). Using the flip side, they comprise “Magna” technology at which the bottom magnetically seals with all the stems, supplying a dependable, airtight connection.

On the flip side, they include their patented “twist-to-lock” bottom layouts. While they’re not powered by magnets, they turn to lock foundations and “click” on the stem to extend a solid link.

As soon as I said the bottom design was essential, I was not kidding. The nozzle adapters that Amira manufactures are just compatible with all the”twist-to-lock” designs of hookahs. They won’t work with the “Magna” tech.

Ok, given that we have that out of this way in which, let us enter into the exciting stuff!

Now, there’s just another “quirk” with those Amira hookahs which may be somewhat confusing from this box. The Amira hookah you will receive will probably contain a hose connector (non-refundable auto-seal) and also a purge valve attached to the hookah.

For some cause, the existing adapter and also the purge valve around these are unable to be wholly unthreaded from the heart. They truly have been eternally there.

That said, you’re ready to eradicate the upper 1/2 the hose plus purge valve (leaving a tiny threaded bit) and attach the corresponding “auto-seal” adapters into the hookah by stringing them over top of this eternally affixed piece. Do Not Neglect to Add That Chunk Posture


Hookah-Shisha Multi-Hose Accessory Packs

A number of the hookahs inside the Multi-Hose category possess many different hose fashions that can come from the maker. It had been impossible for all of us to produce “attachment packs” to get all different coloring and style selections to your default options from this box.

As a result of it, we chose to send you a fitting group of hoses in addition to the nozzle that you’ll ordinarily receive once you obtain a hookah in your Multi-hose category.

Not only are you really currently getting a fitting collection, but you’re also getting an entire additional hose free of Additional Charge.

This is going to be true using the nozzle adapters which include the Amira packs and also the Mya packs. The adapters which are originally attached to those hookahs don’t need exactly the “auto-seal” capability, therefore in an effort to be certain to be given an entire, self-indulgent hookah, you are going to obtain the proper quantity of auto-seal adapters too!

Which usually means you will have an excess hose connector at the box along with your hookah.

There’s one final quirk I’d want to say about our multi-purpose hose setups. Whenever you get your hookah package, the additional pliers and adapters will almost certainly be different from the hookah itself, therefore there’s some minor assembly required.


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