Hookah Heat Management Device 

Heat-management Devices (or even HMDs) are on the hookah scene as of roughly 2013 and also have fast been some of their very in-demand accessories in the marketplace.

Throughout the past couple of years, the unit has evolved and enlarged leading to a number of unique layouts which could interest different kinds of smokers. Now we will cover exactly what an HMD will be, highlight a number of their very widely used HMDs available on the current marketplace, and also hopefully allow one to determine which matches your smoking style that is the most useful.

HMDs have become helpful attachments that may either completely exchange the foil together with your own bowl, sometimes, can work in combination with your transparency to help manage the total quantity of heat being moved by the charcoal into Shisha Tobacco. This also enables you to get more control over how your hookah cigarettes and makes it a lot simpler to maintain your ashes and charcoal included throughout the smoking session.


Hookah Flavor Saver

The Hookah Flavor Saver can be actually really just a fantastic starting place for individuals seeking to use heat control apparatus. The Flavor Saver is intended to lay in addition to one’s typical transparency setup and an extra layer of distance between your charcoals along with also the transparency. 

This can help keep the charcoal out of getting direct connection with the foil permitting just a small extra”breathing room” to your shisha permitting a fantastic smoke without harshness. That is very helpful for shishas that want low quantities of heat.


Kaloud Lotus Plus Heat Management System

Even the Kaloud Lotus Plus was made by the Kaloud Company to operate well with their Samsaris Vitria II Bowls, yet this HMD may work exceptionally well with almost any”lipped” bowls which allow the Lotus to sit in to put the eyebrow, and works great on many bowls which have a three-inch diameter.

Ventilated lid for the venting controller? Check. Raised ridges from the dish to reduce charcoal out black? Check. Enables cubed, horizontal, half, or quarter ring cut charcoals? Check. That is easily the very widely used HMD available and it has been the golden standard for heating control apparatus using very justification.


Kaloud Lotus Two Heat Management System

The Kaloud Lotus 2.0 is the newest version of this Lotus HMD and matches up perfectly with all the recently redesigned Samsaris Vitria For Lotus two. 

The upgraded design enables air to maneuver more readily across the Lotus ensuring your charcoals stay stoked through the duration of the semester, features a removable”key” grip to the lid, and also heat move throughout the Lotus 2.0 is still a number of the best which we’ve seen from some other HMD significance it is equipped to receive your bowl upward and smoking exceptionally fast.

There are always certainly a whole good deal of really cool new features together using the Lotus 2.0, therefore for an in-depth look into that bad boy please check our Introducing The Kaloud Lotus two weblog.


Starbuzz Nar Head Heat Manager

Even the Starbuzz Nar Head is just one of the modern HMDs available in the sector and it has several unique capabilities.

This heavy-duty HMD was created to be in a position to be preheated in your own Charcoal Grills before adding your decorated charcoals into the inner, includes a detachable carrying grip for either the bottom and the lid, then raised ridges on the base of the dish and also a ventilated lid to avoid out charcoal, also features a thermometer onto the cover of the lid to enable one to watch on just how sexy the gadget is. 

Within our testing, the Nar Head had the greatest outcomes when used along with the Starbuzz Silicone Paradigm or Starbuzz Silicone Phunnel bowls.


Phoenix Heat Management Device

Even the Phoenix HMD sets itself apart from additional HMDs both in functionality and appearance. This super trendy heating manager delivers a totally horizontal and smooth bottom to the dish, so increased ridges interior the Phoenix to avoid out charcoal, and also a ventilated lid to permit for venting. 

Additionally, this really could be the sole HMD available on the marketplace with an increased “funnel” spire atmosphere intake rendering it especially ideal for smoking using funnel-style dishes.


Apple on Top Provost Heat Management System

The Apple on-top Provost is just one of the popular HMDs available and is quite versatile in the way that it is able to be properly utilized. Designed by precisely exactly the exact same company which produces the Apple on-top Bowls to do the job perfectly with all the dishes, the Provost may be utilized in addition to typical transparency set up on practically any other sort of bowl too. 

This permits the toaster to sit just a bit farther away from the shisha to protect against the tobacco from burning off too fast while providing lots of heat to get an excellent smoke session also the ventilated lid lets you regulate just how much heat has been trapped in any moment.

Hopefully, we’ve covered most of the main things for every one of these HMDs here but if we’ve left out anything or in case you’ve got any questions to drop us a comment below or get our Client Service Team who’d be happy to help.

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