7 Heaven Flavours Hookah for Winter Season

 Only because winter has struck does not mean that you need to pack off your hookah. If you would like to Smoke Shisha Tobacco or tobacco, then there are many shisha flavours which are ideal for cold temperatures, a few of which you could not need to be contemplated smoking earlier. Whilst whatever mint goes nicely from the summer, the warmer winter brings itself to more earthy and powerful shisha tobacco tastes. In order to combat the wintertime, here are the top 7 shisha tastes to turn the argileh.


1. Heaven Leaf Espresso Tobacco

Much like the sexy kick of a potent Italian espresso machine, Heaven Leaf Espresso tobacco can heat up you and pick up you at precisely exactly the exact same moment. With the unmistakable scent of brewed coffee, this Shisha Flavour includes earthy traces of ripened black fruits and fresh wood. Even though bold, Heaven Leaf Espresso tobacco won’t surpass different tastes when mixed. Best enjoyed with a cup of java, or during a creamy dessert.


2. Heaven Leaf Caramel Tobacco

Heaven Leaf Caramel tobacco is as comforting as a hot blanket in front of an open flame. The candy and salty sense of smoking Caramel tobacco include traces of brown sugar, rum, and walnut. For a far more intricate taste, mix with creamy tastes like Cheesecake Fudge tobacco or smoke having a creamy dessert.


3. Heaven Leaf Maple Pancake Tobacco

Oftentimes our favourite shisha flavour for cold temperatures, the robust and vast collection of tastes from Heaven Leaf Maple Pancake tobacco is not suggested for the faint-hearted. Tones of heavy vanilla, obsolete bourbon, caramelised brown sugar, cinnamon, clove, hazelnut, and honey may be seen in Heaven Leaf Maple Pancake tobacco. Works great with fruity or creamy shisha tobacco tastes, or with a glass of your favourite brownish soul or liqueur.


4. Heaven Leaf Peppermint Tobacco

Substantially stronger in flavour compared to its own brother Spearmint, smoking Heaven Leaf Peppermint tobacco is just as if you are sucking at the atmosphere together with Mount Everest! The feeling of occupying what resembles icy-cold smoke supplies a wonderful comparison when sitting around a gas outdoor heater or even at a patio hot tub.

5. Heaven Leaf Dual Apple Tobacco

In case you are searching to get a fruity flavour which may take its own throughout the winter months, then Heaven Leaf Dual Apple tobacco can be the solution. The aromatic and daring mixture of liquorice and anise blend attractively well with the sour taste of lemon to create a brand fresh twist to your timeless shisha tobacco flavour. A favourite choice for chilly parties.

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6. Heaven Leaf Peanut-Butter Tobacco

Inhaling the smoke out of Heaven Leaf Peanut-butter tobacco resembles a mouthful of this disperse which conveys the same title, smooth and creamy. Smatterings of roasted nuts, coconut oil, and hot milk are discovered within this flavour, and this will be coupled with berry or creamy alternatives.


7. Heaven Leaf Chai Spice Tobacco

Last but not the least, the smoke out of Heaven Leaf Chai Spice tobacco delivers a hot and intricate mixture of flavours, including cinnamon, ginger, pepper, and cardamom. Heaven Leaf Chai Spice tobacco can be just actually really a wonderful choice if you would like to settle back and relax.

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Smoking hookah may look glamorous to some, but it’s every bit as addictive as cigarette smoking and maybe more harmful. But that hasn’t stopped this ancient pastime from seeing a revival among trending high school and college students.

That is particularly handy in winter months whenever you prefer to be indoors than simply driving in the chilly and rainy weather looking for a hookah stockist or even tobacconist!

Hookah is smoked as a hobby and many people enjoy hookah at many wedding events. Professional wedding bands facilitate this.

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