Restore Brass and Stainless Steel Metal Hookah Pipes

Only at Hookah-Shisha, do we view our good share of hookah fashions of makes and models. The assortment of hookahs which come through our doors over time is pretty unbelievable. I purchased my very first hookah using Hookah-Shisha, also I have had my occupation for nearly ten years.

It certainly is exciting to see what new services come in the current marketplace, and in the early days, it had been very enjoyable to check at elderly quit models or prototypes that never managed to get.

I stumbled upon an older, brass Syrian-style hookah I snapped years past. I presumed it’d not merely be interesting to bring back it but a fantastic insight to talk about just how exactly to achieve that. Have you ever seen arbitrary hookahs in the door sales or has somebody given you what they found.

Maybe you’ve begun your collection and a few have sat for a little while but might wash up well. Here I will demonstrate the procedure for fixing my hookah along with likewise some handy tips and tricks you should use to reestablish or wash up some other kinds of hookahs.


Exactly are Brass Hookah

Hookahs have existed to get more than 100 years. They’ve been produced from all kinds of metals aluminium, and metal. The majority of the hookahs you discover now are going to be drawn up out of stainless steel.

After I started only at Hookah-Shisha we were able to find several Syrian hookahs and foundations. A whole good deal of these was entirely brass Including the port, nozzle vents and purge valves.

Several folks were fortunate enough to catch some before they vanished out there [for a time], even when these were only the faulty ones. I have owned three of them complete metal hookahs within my time as well as many more recent metal alloy hookahs.

These elderly Metal hookahs ended up mainly for decoration or series so I took the opportunity to reestablish them not to mention utilize them (Okay, I might have used them a few times when I remember right). 

This was the very first Brass Hookah I have fully restored but I used my own experience with additional brass projects I have had in conjunction with my encounter using hookahs.

If you have ever possessed any such thing as the metal you understand it tarnishes as other kinds of metal perform. This tarnish you notice stems from the alloy getting a reaction with oxygen from the atmosphere in addition to some other factors such as the oils in both hands.

Tarnish is completely regular and maybe perhaps not just an indication of anything awful. I like the normal patina that originates from tarnish and in some states, it may draw out details from layouts.

To get a hookah, you wish to get rid of any internal tarnish whenever potential when the whole stem is metal. Polishing up brass is done using a soft-bristled brush, paper towels, a coarsely woven little bit of cloth (ex: a towel or terry cloth), a milder bit of cloth material (something such as wrought iron or t-shirt ), and also a sort of non-metallic cleansing agent/polish.

There are lots of kinds of cleaning agents you’ll be able to utilize, and also the very frequent one used for Steel is popularly known as Brasso. Still, another is known as Never Dull however I used you showing you exactly what it does for stainless steel metals farther below. You might even utilize some household to completely wash up Western, also that I exhibited some evaluation stains onto the tray of this hookah I revived to reveal to you the gaps.

One of those additional matters you’re able to utilize could surprise you. Ketch Up. Yup! Ketchup and tomato sauce, or glue, can wash brass and it is just an all-natural alternative to chemical cleaners. You will need a lean coating and allow it to sit for roughly 30-45 minutes. This generally works for some not-so-heavy-duty projects.

Additionally, it will be ideal to make use of the very organic option here as ketchup which is certainly more processed may probably comprise artificial dyes that might temporarily irritate the brass leading to some other coating to wash off.

Another option for compounds you can utilize is a blend of white, wheat vinegar and also fine grain salt. When employing this mix, I tend to go light on the salt since possibly overly abrasive, but merely a little may aid with the scrubbing. As with any renovation job, it’s almost always wisest to figure out which system you are likely to make use of and execute an examination on a tiny, different spot.

Brass hookahs continue to be on our site plus so they’re mainly found within the Shika metal hookah collection. You might discover the same golden colour found in the graphics below available as brand fresh models using a new-era layout.


How to Restore Brass Hookah

Here we proceed. First things; are you convinced it’s brass? Magnets won’t stay glued to brass, therefore, give it a test. When the magnet sticks you might have something that’s brass plated. In case you are not coping with good wood, know about them when doing all of all your polishing because it is possible easy get caught up and begin to take away the brass plating.

The hookah I worked on is solid metal and it’d been sitting for a little while so it had huge tarnish. Before entering the polishing remove most of the hose screws and purge valves in the event execute a once-over Solid Cleaning Soap and water. I used the rear of a vest and sponge to provide everything with an in-depth wash. This won’t just take the tarnishing, but there is lots of dust and dirt constructed. 

I started using the arrow to an inch 1) to try the cleanup solutions I said and 2) to receive a general idea of just how much work it’d have to acquire precisely exactly the sum of gloss I needed out of the brass. I knew I needed to utilize Brasso with this particular hookah simply as a result of earlier adventures, also that I wished to observe the glistening I might find this.

The primary segment of the photo may be the section of the tray on that I used ketchup on. The centre section is your flour, salt and vinegar solution. The previous part is using Brasso. An intriguing detail to say may be that they derive from Ketch-Up cut through the coating (s) of tarnish, however, abandoned that the metal appears marginally dull when compared to Brasso.

The centre next unquestionably captured washed but the glue mix was not enough to cut through the thick tarnish. I’d say that is too demanding of a project for this alternative. [There is a reason for that abomination of an odour from Brasso]With a job of this size, it can help to execute an overall polish to start after which concentrate on small pieces at one period.

The remainder solution that is made from the initial wipe-down will probably be to cut throughout the tarnish therefore when you keep coming right back for a 2nd or the next period it’ll always get easier.

Additionally, it is valuable to get several paper towels handy since you’ll notice they become cluttered quickly with each coating you shine. Patience is vital. [That dark stuff that you find on the what-was-white towel would be your tarnish being moved off of this hookah. 

You’ll observe it oxidized once I had been finished – turning green as it can on metal] This took approximately 3 rounds of Brasso with paper towels and a toothbrush to attain.

After the 2nd round, I’d a sterile cleanup having a towel to eliminate each of the dirty Brasso leftovers. I then did my very final round of Brasso with paper towels. My final cleanup passes onto the stem and T Ray was using an older t-shirt to polish up everything and eliminate any remnants of Brasso.

Finally, I used a much thicker fabric to do a super-shine gloss. In terms of the hose screws, I covered them with a thick coating of Brasso and then allowed them to sit throughout the whole duration it took to completely wash out the lever and stem.

They simply took you to overlook doing this. The trickiest portion of this recovery was that of the inner downstream tube.

Even following the soap and water wash, I put a handful of baking soda with lemon juice onto a cleanup brush and then scrubbed the interior of the stem many times.

Last came to the opportunity to build all and detect a base. Should you have noticed, I was missing the cosmetic bit for the purge valve. For those who have really exciting eyes, then you might have found my hose knobs had been different.

Because of this, I decided to improve the purge valve into some other hose interface (that I might wind up making my very own one-of-a-kind bit to your purge valve in a subsequent period ) and then changed the hose screws to each fit.

After a few new ball bearings and also a base that this hookah has been finished.

With a few brass items the lacquer coating has been applied to secure the alloy and also a heavy cleaning similar to this isn’t vital.

With the majority of hookahs but you won’t need a lacquer coating. It’s possible to get several choices to help shield shiny brass from tarnishing immediately like jojoba oil.


How to Restore Stainless Hookahs

You can use similar procedures for polishing up different kinds of hookah metals. The majority of the traditionally made hookahs you will discover now are created from aluminium or stainless alloys.

Aside from the normal fingerprints of ordinary handling, these kinds of hookahs won’t transcend as quickly or occasionally whatsoever. Oftentimes the tarnish is very light and could be easily rubbed off with a cloth. Otherwise, just like I did in the case below, you also can reestablish the final using a bar of soap and only just small elbow grease.

Additionally, it is worth mentioning bulk manufactured hookahs, from brands such as Mya or even Amira as an instance, usually do not tarnish due to the substances they’re created from. These processes are maybe not necessary for these kinds of hookahs and might potentially hurt any protective coating or finish on the hookah.

Certainly one of my beloved alloy polishing gear is something called t Dull. It works on various metals and also sounds magical as of everything it can perform. The key with this specific material may be that the soap is supplied by a delicate, micro-sterile fibre. 

It is comparable to some Magic Eraser for the reason that the fibres are therefore deflecting; they are going to gently wash without inducing damage – without any scratches! I utilized Never Heard over the hookah below.

I did exactly the exact steps when I had all the metal hookah. The gap on this particular stem is that I allow it to soak in hot soapy water while I work on my inner stem – for about 4 – 5 minutes. It is mainly to loosen the interior downstream.

A complete, deep wash with sterile water using a spoon and sponge was my second measure to your outside. I dried out the stem and subsequently did you pass over with a Never Dull cloth and ended with a sterile wipe with a t-shirt.

You ought to do yet another rinse after you are finished using the Never Dull to clear away any residue left by the cleaning representative. The Never Dull is not a glue just like Brasso is; it is similar to petroleum, and it’s potent.

For those areas across the heart and purge valve, then I’d do you pass using a chilli and vinegar solution I’d mixed until it had been kind of thick glue. I did so until I implemented the Never Dull.

It is mainly for cleaning the dirt/dust from catchy locations.


Tools and Suggestions

That which I used from the cases above is listed here. I have also included various other helpful things to have available whilst clearing your hookah. It’s possible to become creative here together along with your cleaning gear if needed.

I have used pipe cleaners before for catchy stains, a cable to assist thread through downstream, and who knows what else about additional cleaning projects between hookahs.

Only be mindful of exceptionally abrasive materials because do not scuff the conclusion onto your hookah and parts. I’ll also say it; consistently do a test in a small, darkened area before you go all in!


    • Cleansing clothes – It is helpful to have some since they’ll find you dirty because you possibly can.
    • Paper towels – In conjunction with your similar towels, all these are fine to own for cleaning.
  • Base cleansing brush
  • Stem cleansing brush
  • tooth-brush or other small, semisoft brush – Something along these lines is also very easy to possess for detailed places or tiny distances
  • A sponge – Some good routine sponge works excellent, but rev it up using a few particular double-sided ones that are one side having a scrubbing coating.
  • Light soap/detergent – dishwashing soap is just a terrific general option here. You might utilize any”general purpose” juice.
  • Brasso – is ideal for all sorts of metal however a powerhouse in terms of metal
  • Never Dull – Again, invaluable and strong on all sorts of steel but especially great with stainless steel. This may even double as a scrubbing tool whilst the spongey, cotton-like material does possess a micro-abrasive influence.
  • Baking soda and lemon juice – In conjunction, this acts as a soap for foundations and stalks. It’s possible to produce a paste from both of these ingredients for scrubbing or you could dilute it with heated water to loosen the interior of a stem or base.
  • Vinegar, salt and flour – All these two together get a fantastic cleansing solution and also a light polishing solution.
  • Bling Glass Cleaner – Ideal for your foundation and rotating shaft inside.


Finding Parts

In case you’re handling an elderly hookah you’ve come around or have already been talented, you might end up demanding parts. The fantastic thing with hookahs will be that many of the bits are worldwide.

Most foundations are about the same size together with conventional hookahs, and mats and bowls are on average easily interchangeable generally speaking. 

Sometimes, but you may be overlooking a leaky valve cap or perhaps even a hose jack connector. Maybe you’ve got an even more contemporary hookah that features a cushioned base. In such instances, we could have the ability to provide help.

Do not be afraid to speak to us if you should be searching for something special. 

Some often catchy things are locating the right threading diameter using nozzle screws and purge valve accessories or even choosing the correct grommet to fit a base/stem combo. 

We’re here to assist, and also we now have a piece of thorough knowledge of an extraordinary number of different kinds of hookahs.

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