Make Hookah Smoke Thicker

 Make Hookah Smoke Thicker
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For just about almost any hookah smoking enthusiast among of the best joys of smoking, hookah gets the thickest clouds potential, therefore now we will run down several of the simplest methods to secure warmer clouds out of the hookah and answer a number of their very frequent questions about the best way best to secure better flavor out of your own cigarette. Let us get THICC.


Way to Set Up a Hookah

Before we put into the nitty-gritty how best to maximize the total quantity of flavor and smoke it’s possible to attain from your hookah, then we will want to be certain the hookah itself is installed properly and there aren’t any air leaks that can lead to airflow problems. If that is the first time establishing a hookah check our handy tips video guide on How To Set Your 1st Hookah.

If you’re having trouble establishing your hookah or whenever you really feel as if there might be an airflow on your hookah touch base with your favorable Client Service Team who is able to help walk you through the setup or diagnose problems together along with your hookah.


Hookah Smoke Created

 Make Hookah Smoke Thicker

When smoking a hookah the smoke is actually generated from three quite important pieces on Top of your hookah, your hookah bowl, shisha tobacco, along with hookah charcoal:

The combo of those 3 items is soon likely to be quite essential from the smoke output signal of your own hookah and the total level of one’s session.

While everyone has their personal preferences when it concerns the certain sort of bowl, shisha tobacco, also charcoal used the typical idea is always to be certain you have steady heat out of the charcoal, a very fantastic packaging way of the own cigarette, also start airflow via your bowl into the hookah that’ll create exemplary clouds irrespective of which kind of hookah you’re dealing with.

Let us look at a couple of the very frequently encountered bowl packaging techniques which work nicely for any put-up.


Fluff Bundle

This really can be the very common shisha packaging technique plus works amazing with blond foliage shisha brands like Starbuzz, Fantasia, Fumari, along Social Smoke. We make use of this manner of the package once we examine new brands and conform to your preferred smoke taste. Additionally, this is an excellent way to relish al-fakher shisha tastes.

Employing the Fluff Bundle system will take one to gently scatter the shisha into your bowl and also then fill up your bowl to the bottom line. Do not use much pressure or force to shove on-off the shisha down, simply scatter the shisha into the bowl to permit a soft and light consistency. The fluffy appearance of your shisha enables heat to pass easily to deliver fine clouds fast.



The compact pack can be the very best bet if smoking a dark foliage cigarette like Tangier shisha, plus it could be properly used for Starbuzz Vintage or even Trifecta Dark Tobacco too.

If that is the very first time attempting this procedure you may not feel this bowl will probably smoke directly with the quantity of pressure your employer put on the cigarette, however, give it a go and you’re going to be drawing heavy clouds very quickly.

A dense package is accomplished using a Shisha Fork along with your own palms to press the shisha down to your bowl to some semi-dense or compact consistency. This procedure works well with a phunnel-style bowl or perhaps even a Vortex bowl as the pressure exerted to own tobacco will obstruct your air stations in virtually any bowl which comprises air intake holes in the bottom as an Egyptian jar.


Over Bundle

The over-pack procedure is ideal for brands that enjoy a lot of heat or even for most smokers that enjoy just a bit more heat within their session. Even the most usual brand that we urge the backpack to get is Haze Tobacco which performs extremely well with this particular method.

The overpack is reached simply by mixing your java into the bowl to a Fluff Package, but after you arrive at the rim of this bowl gently push the shisha a tiny bit along with your shisha fork or hands and add more tobacco directly into your bowl until it reaches only within the rim across the bowl.


Does Pot Create Hookah Smoke Thicker

Probably one of the very frequent questions about creating milder hookah smoke is “Could I use something besides water at the hookah base?”. The brief answer is yes, even if you are able to use virtually any liquid you simply like from the hookah bottom to accentuate the flavor of this shisha cigarette that you’re smoking however it’s not going to necessarily boost the smoke depth.

There are a lot of distinct hookah prep techniques on the market which involve using such things as java or milk at the bottom when smoking java or dessert style tastes, or juice at the bottom when smoking sour flavors, and sometimes possibly with alcohol like vodka at the bottom when smoking mixed beverage style tastes.

While a variety of base fluids might possibly help add a little additional flavor to the smoke they might also allow it to be just a tad bit more complicated to receive a suitable draw out of the hookah whilst the viscosity of the fluids will probably differ compared to water. 

By way of instance, when working with milk at a hookah base the bubbles and foam which can be generated can be readily squeezed upward directly into a hose which makes it tougher to get the smoke to feed.

That said, certainly one of the most useful things you could increase your hookah base to produce the session more fun is ice hockey. Adding a couple of cubes of ice into the water into your base helps chill the smoke because it moves throughout the bottom which makes the bait out of the hookah cooler without affecting the atmosphere.

Suggestion: Should you elect to bring any liquid other than plain water into your hookah base be certain you clean and clean all areas of your hookah right after the session because those tastes can “phantom” directly into a hookah, or in case of some milk product such as milk can lead to mold to create whether the hookah isn’t correctly cleaned.


Most Useful Hookah Bowls for Thicker Smoke

Possessing a bowl with fantastic airflow is just one of the most useful things which you could perform in order to help make warmer smoke out of the hookah. While conventional Egyptian Clay Bowls really are what the majority of men and women start with and also work fine with lots of brands, updating to something similar to a funnel style or Vortex style bowl can be just really actually a fantastic selection.

A number of our favorite dishes at work would be the Alpaca Rook Bowl along with Retro Harmony Bowl to get Just about Any shisha tobacco, and also the Tangiers Phunnel Bowl to get Tangiers Tobacco. If you are searching to spend less and get a cloud-producing phunnel bowl, then make certain to take a look at our Chubbs or even Firefly bowl.


Best Hookah Bowls to Use With Kaloud Lotus

If your hookah put-up involves utilizing the Kaloud Lotus heat-management Device afterward we recommend utilizing the Kaloud Samsaris Vitria bowl to get its best outcomes. Nevertheless, the Alpaca Lipache Bowl and the Ferris Bowl are powerful options here and they supply great airflow with all the Lotus to generate people’s sweet candies clouds.


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