Pack Your Hookah Bowl in Just 4 Easy Steps

A whole good deal of shisha fans does not know about the value of correctly preparing for a shisha session. The best way to package your own Hookah Bowl plays a huge role in the product quality and durability of a session, also loading that a bowl should not be rushed. So you can enjoy the very best experience when smoking shisha, we’re likely to carry you throughout the practice of packaging a hookah Bowlin in only 4 easy ways.Isn’t packing just packing? After all, it’s the final Product That Counts.


What You Will Want

  1. Quality Shisha Tobacco (Such as Heaven Leaf Tobacco) or Mussels (Shisha Tobacco)
  2. Chopping Board
  3. Sharp Kitchen Knife
  4. Absorbent Paper-Towel
  5. Fork
  6. Hookah Bowl


Chop Shisha Leaves to a Uniform Size

Shisha tobacco will come in several sizes and shapes from the bunch, therefore if you would like a frequent smoke it’s critical, to begin with, a frequent mixture; also which usually means performing a modest pre-session pruning. Primarily, disperse around a small number of shisha leaves on top of one’s chopping board. Employ a sharp kitchen knife, then cut down the leaves into approximately 1 – 2 cm bits, ensuring the amount of the strands is as optional as you can.

A nicer cut introduces a greater area of tobacco/tobacco into the hot atmosphere and is a lot much easier to manage when mixing the shisha mixture into a bowl. Do not attempt to take shortcuts with a coffee grinder. The amount of the leaves will likely probably soon be inconsistent or overly fine to smoke.


Dry Shisha Mix

Once you are delighted with the cut, then set the shisha mixture using half a sheet of paper towel, then fold the other half on the surface and lightly press for a couple of days to take in the extra molasses and glycerine from the leaves. This can help gain warmth to the mixture fast in addition to preventing”hotspots” from gathering. Take care to not wash the mixture with a lot of thought, since this can cause a sexier and more rigorous session.


Prepare Shisha Mix

With a fork, then disperse your shisha mix on the Chopping Board, therefore, it really is sitting fairly horizontally. Split up the leaves and toss/roll the mixture with the fork, therefore, there aren’t any huge balls stuck together. Be sure that you mop up any extra molasses and glycerine in the laminated board and keep to sew and roll up the mixture until it’s refrigerated and fluffy. You are now all set to fill your shisha bowl.


Pack Hookah Bowl

There is nothing worse than starting a shisha session to see that the hookah isn’t possible to draw smoke out of, or that the smoke is still so hot and unpleasant that it isn’t enjoyable. Incorrectly packaging the bowl is going to end in these unwelcome shisha experiences.

Allowing proper airflow and an additional burn-off, so that you never desire to package your own bowl too closely. Together with your fingers or a fork, then gradually fill out the hookah bowl to the fill point (most bowls probably have a fill line in their interior). 

Then sprinkle just a bit more Shisha Mixture in addition to that it is likely to undoubtedly likely to soon be touching the bottom of the transparency or display, however, perhaps maybe not be shattered down. This system works in the event that you own a chimney setup or heating control systems just such as the Lotus along with Razor; just be certain that to receive the fill height correctly therefore that the combination isn’t compacted (which limits venting). 

Make sure there aren’t any stray shisha strands onto the rim or inner ledge of this bowl since these can prevent an airtight seal. So that you have 4 simple measures to package the right plate of Hookah Tobacco (or even tobacco) using just kitchen utensils.


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