Different Types of Coals for Hookah

Hookah smoking has rapidly risen in popularity in recent times. The reason it’s become so trendy is that it brings together the health benefits of smoking with sociability.

There are lots of different types of hookahs, and the most important variation is the type of coals. Not all kinds of charcoal are suitable, so we’ve compiled all the information you need to know about it in this article. Here is Some History of using a hookah and how it is beneficial.

Natural Coconut Coals

Natural coconut coals are perfect for hookah smokers looking for a cleaner and tastier shisha experience. These coals are made up of 50% coconut and 50% wood making them eco-friendly, odourless, and contain no sulfur or other chemicals. They produce less ash than other types of coal, so you won’t have to worry about constantly sweeping it up

They are easy to light and give off an even heat for a consistent session with no added flavours or odours. They also provide a long-lasting session, as they last up to twice as long as most coals. Natural coconut coals are perfect for all types of hookah smokers, from novices to experts, who are looking for an enjoyable and locally-flavoured shisha session.


Quick-Light Coals

Quick-light coals are made specifically for hookahs. The coal is at its peak performance when you light it up within 1 to 3 minutes of lighting. Quick-light coals have a unique design as each individual burning coal is composed of compressed charcoal that is covered with a special type of flammable coating.

This coating is made up of cellulose, which helps to form the most efficient combustion and increases the longevity of the coal. With Quick-light coals, you can enjoy your hookah sessions for longer in comparison to other coals available in the market. 

As the Quick-light coals are fast to light up and provide a cleaner burning, they are the preferred coal of many hookah smokers. The convenient design further means that they don’t leave behind any mess or ashes and make the whole experience more enjoyable.

Lemonwood Coals

Lemonwood coals are a type of coal used to burn shisha tobacco in a Hookah. This premium hardwood is an all-natural, chemical-free coal. It burns hotter and longer than traditional charcoal without the addition of any unnatural chemicals.

The hardwood is aged and kiln-dried to produce smokeless and sparkless coal. It provides a longer, smoother smoke session with a bright flavour. The coals are conveniently sold in cubes, making them less messy to handle and easy to light.

Lemonwood coals provide a clean smoke, allowing for the full flavour of the tobacco to be experienced for up to an hour or more with one coal. Customers consistently benefit from the extended smoke session, allowing for relaxed and enjoyable Hookah gatherings.

Olivewood Coals

Olivewood coals are specially designed coals that are suited for the hookah pipe smoking experience. These coals are made of 100% Natural Olivewood The wood has been carbonized to form these unique coals.

They have been specially designed to provide even, consistent heat. The heat is evenly distributed throughout the Hookah pipe during smoking sessions. These coals also have a naturally sweet flavour and burn with low ash, ensuring that the flavour of the tobacco or herbal blend is not compromised.

They also possess a faster ignition time and provide a longer smoke time. Olivewood Coals are the perfect type of coal for hookah enthusiasts that are looking to get the best smoking experience possible.

Beechwood Coals

Beechwood coals are made from natural beechwood logs. This makes them an ideal type of coal for hookah use. Beechwood is considered to be the perfect type of wood for Hookah coal, as its extremely low bark content makes it safer and cleaner.

Its hardness and lack of impurities also ensure that each coal can last longer than other coals. This of which makes this type of coal perfect for use with Hookahs. Each coal is individually inspected to ensure a uniform shape and size, making them the perfect choice for Hookah charcoal because of their ability to heat evenly and quickly.

Unlike other types of coal, Beechwood coal does not contain any harmful chemicals or toxins, allowing Hookah users to enjoy their favourite tobacco blends with a clean and safe smoking experience.

Guava Wood Coals

Hookah guava wood coals have become a popular type of coal for smoking shisha flavours. This type of coal is made of compressed sawdust from the guava fruit tree and offers up a clean and flavorful smoke. Guava wood coals are known for providing enjoyable smoke with minimal smoke, heat, and ash.

As with other types of coals, their longevity and consistency vary depending on the brand you choose. Some of the better brands provide longer-lasting and even burning coals, but some cheaper brands can be unreliable and of lower quality.

It is important to purchase reliable brands from the smokeshop if smoking over a long period. Guava wood coals offer excellent smoke and are becoming a popular choice among shisha smokers.

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