Shisha charcoal or hookah coals are available in lots of different shapes and styles, therefore it’s rather somewhat confusing what the gaps are and which sort of coal you ought to use for the hookah. We are going to cover the substances, types and brands that are best so that you know what things to search for the next occasion you want to buy shisha coals.


You may not have given this much consideration, however, that which goes on making shisha coals is vitally essential. Have you smoked shisha in a pal’s house or hookah pub and copped a huge hassle or strange buzzing sensation whilst smoking? It was probably brought on by instant-light or even quick-light charcoal that comprises nasty compounds to find the shisha coal-burning fast. Additionally, there are lots of hookah coal brands which use inexpensive fillers such as timber and sawdust to minimise production prices, that may discharge disagreeable odours when burnt that affect the taste of their shisha tobacco. 1 way to inform the standard of the coal someone is using would be always to inspect the shade if it’s lit: skinnier coals burn hotter and signify inexpensive fillers and compounds, whereas browner coals much more inclined comprise only premium ingredients. Whichever coal you pick for the hookah, be certain it’s produced from 100% natural substances, ideally coconut cubes. Coconut shell charcoal stipulates an odourless and tasteless burn up off and that means that you may savour 100% of this shisha flavour, and along and consistent burn up off.


Why many contours because of this type of straightforward product??? Each has their own pros and cons — there isn’t any”one size fits all” as it pertains to shisha charcoal.

Cubes: potentially the most frequently encountered sort of shisha mist, cubes have both two horizontal equal sides (such as dice) that can make sure they are ultra-stable when trimming. Cubes provide a slow burn off up and will be successfully combined in combination with the majority of hookah bowl and monitor setups on account of these numerous different sizes out there. Be sure that you rotate the cubes all through the semester to find the most useful outcomes.

Flats: very similar to cubes but much like a horizontal pub, apartments won’t burn off up long, therefore, might be advantageous to briefer shisha sessions. Flats are used in combination with foils because their shape isn’t ideal for heating control systems or chimney collections.

Cubes: Halfway between flats and cubes, cubes are another variant of the conventional block, but with all the exact flaws as apartments.

Fingers/rods (around): If cubes will be the most frequently encountered sort of hookah charcoal, either sticks or palms could have been quite a close 2nd. Cylindrical in shape, 3 x-ray charcoal palms sit well around a chimney place or in addition to a foil if employing a bowl. Sticks are somewhat not as likely to bring about heating spikes when compared to cubes.

Cuboid: A square version of rods, the horizontal sides of cuboids create sure they are a much stable option but are far somewhat less elastic and likely to heating spikes. Be cautious with cuboids as numerous quick-light coals arrive inside this shape.

Hexagon/hex: Still another hybrid of sticks, hexagon or hex coals are always made out of coconut shells. Considering all of the current great things about rods but more equilibrium, hexagon coals really are an excellent option.

Circle: The poster child of quick-light charcoal, so avert this contour in any way costs unless you’re convinced it’s produced from 100% natural substances.

Quarter-circle: constructed for Lotus style heating systems along with Razor heating control approaches, quarter bands burn up off at the onset of a session however lose their shape since they burn up off them difficult to handle tongs.


Now you realize different shapes of hookah coals and their applications, listed below are a few favourite brands created out of coconut shells and also the shapes they are offered in.

Fire-brand: Produced from 100% only source virgin coconut; accessible both Co-Co cubes along with Co-Co palms.

Nusakoko: Each of the ways in Mother Russia, Nusakoko is among those very couple charcoal brands to supply hexagon-shaped shisha coals.

Cocoshisha: the very best thing concerning Cocoshisha could be that your assortment of shapes available for example sticks, cubes, cuboids, along with hexagon coals.