Hookah Cleaning and Maintenance

Probably one of the very essential things for making certain you are in a position to receive yummy full-flavored clouds outside of your hookah session would be making certain you maintain a sterile hookah at any way time.

In the event that you’ve only unboxed your own hookah for the first time, or when you’ve smoked several sessions outside of it and therefore so are needing to test a fresh flavor, then it is the right time to present your hookah a top-to-bottom cleaning before loading that next semester.

This not merely helps to ensure you’ll be receiving the very best flavour potential from the shisha tobacco, but, in addition, will help to conserve your hookah to be certain it will soon be able to maintain smoking for a long time in the future.

Now we will really go over just how to completely wash each portion of one’s hookah to be certain you are ready to really truly possess the ideal session potential every moment.


Hookah Cleaning Supplies

There are many distinctive Hookah Cleaning services which you may find or make at home which work nicely for cleaning the hookah. There is no wrong or right answer so let us look at a few of the most useful choices.

  1. Warm drinking water and lemon juice: Mix together hot water and lemon juice in a bowl. For high-quality cleaning, you might even mix a small Baking Soda into the mix too. (ideal for cleaning each of the hookah parts)
  2. Warm drinking water and dish soap: Mix with hot water and a couple drops of unscented dish soap in a bowl. ) (ideal for cleaning most of the hookah parts)
  3. Warm water along with Bling: Bling! Is a really helpful nontoxic glass cleansing solution which comprises cleaning crystals that really help clean out rough residues. Mix hot water along with Bling! Together in a bowl ensure that the cleansing crystals have been mixed well in order for they usually do not settle to the ground. (Not suggested for cleaning hoses as a result of cleaning circles)
  4. Hookah Base Brush along with Hookah Shaft Brush: we are going to be using them to wash any built-up shisha residue inside our hookah. Once you’ve got your favourite cleansing solution prepared you’re desire to disassemble your hookah therefore you are able to wash each piece entirely. Detach your bowl, bowl, hose, and base from the stem and then remove your grommets too. We now have our cleaning solution prepared, easy dandy cleansing brushes, and also our hookah disassembled, it is the right time to get started cleaning.


Way to Wash a Hookah Base

  1. Pour your cleaning solution into the bottom and then fulfil between 1/3 – 1/2 of this bottom.
  2. Swirl the cleanup solution around from the bottom and use your base cleansing brush to wash completely. 
  3. When you have countered the foundation, pour away the cleansing solution and then wash the bottom repeatedly with plain tap water to eliminate any lingering scents from the bottom.

In addition, for an even more thorough guide on how to wash a hookah base check our site about Hookah Education: how to sterile A Hookah Base.

Notice: Glass may crack or break because of abrupt temperature shifts, therefore when cleaning a foundation be certain you aren’t moving from hot to cold or cold to hot too fast.


Way to Wash a Hookah Stem

  1. Twist one end of this hookah stem together along with your thumb and then pour a portion of your cleaning solution into the opposite end of the stem.
  2. Together with your flip side plug in the open end and provide the stem with a couple knobs back and forth allowing the cleanup method to circulate through the duration of the amount of the stem.
  3. Drain the cleaning process out of this stem and then utilize your rotating shaft cleansing brush to scrub the stem out of the surface and bottom openings to be certain you are ready to wash out the full length of this stem.
  4. When you have washed the stem rinse it thoroughly with plain tap water to eliminate any lingering scents.


Pro Suggestion: After cleaning the hookah stem additionally it is a fantastic idea to wash your purge valve and then wash the ball-bearing and wipe out the inside of the valve having a paper towel or Q-tip. This will assist you to keep the ball posture moving freely inside the valve if you want to purge out smoke throughout your sessions.


Way to Wash a Hookah Hose

  1. Twist one end of this nozzle along with your thumb and then put your Cleanup Solution into the opposite end of the nozzle.
  2. Together with your flip side plug in the open end and circulate the cleanup solution across the nozzle letting it wash forth and back a few times. Drain your cleaning solution by the hose and then wash with plain tap water for a few days to eradicate any lingering scents.
  3. Once you’re finished cleaning the nozzle then you can hold the nozzle in the midst of the tube and then fold the hose in a neater manner a few times to permit brute force to push any moisture trapped within the hose, or even hang the hose onto a door or peg handle to permit any extra moisture to trickle outside.


Notice: Before cleaning your hookah hose that you may initially have to be certain it is a secondhand hose.

  • Most conventional hoses such as Khalil Mamoon Hookah Hoses or Mya Aluminum Manage Hoses possess a metallic coil interior the hose which may corrode, and that means you won’t desire to operate water through those kinds of hoses.
  • Any present-day silicone spout like Ripper Silicone Hoses, Amira Silicone Hoses or Aluminum Fantasy Hoses, or hoses which have a plastic liner interior them as Nammor Hoses, will probably undoubtedly soon be washable.

If you’re not certain whether your hookah hose is washable feel absolutely free to chat in together with your Client Service Team so they are able to tell you whether your hose is not washable.

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Way to Wash a Hookah Bowl

For the routine everyday cleanup of one’s Hookah Bowl with plain tap water is okay, however, if you’re cleaning your whole hookah and possess your cleaning strategy prepared it is possible to use this to completely wash your bowl too.

  1. Scrub Your Bowl using plain tap water along with your own cleaning solution and be certain that you wash both the interior and the dish in addition to the inside of the throat too.
  2. Work with a sponge or steel wool to wash some challenging residue out of the rim of this bowl and then wash with a paper towel.

And that is it, folks! Now you have washed your hookah top-to-bottom you’re going to be prepared to turn on a full plate of almost any shisha which you prefer and obtain maximum flavour.

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